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About Dr. Edward Magaziner

Specializing in Pain and Musculoskeletal Injuries


Dr. Edward Magaziner

He has dedicated his career to helping people with pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. His focus is to use state of the art and innovative treatments to alleviate these problems. He is well known around the country in his field and is considered by many one of the top treating physicians in this region. His patients come from 6 surrounding States centering around New Jersey. He has success where others, including some of the top University Centers in the US, have failed. He treats professional athletes, musicians, dancers, golfers, weight lifters, Olympic hopefuls, college and high school athletes, weekend warriors, and the injured population from work, auto, or from just plain good living. Patient’s ages range from 9 to 90.

Dr. E. Magaziner is also a well respected Physician in the New Jersey and surrounding communities.

  • He did a year of Surgery in a Johns Hopkins affiliated hospital and finished his residency as Chief Resident at New York Medical College in 1989 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Prior to that, he was a practicing Physical Therapist.
  • He started his medical career working in the Dept of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St Peters University Hospital and went into private practice in 1992.
  • He is an Assistant Professor at New York Medical College and a Clinical Professor at Robert Wood Johnson University. He teaches residents and fellows.
  • Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Interventional Pain Society (2009 – 2013)
  • President of the New Jersey Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (1996 – 1998) and ongoing Legislative Chairperson.
  • Delegate to the New Jersey Medical Society and member of the Legislative committee.
  • Executive Board member and Secretary of the Middlesex County Medical Society. He also sits on their legislative and ethics committees.
  • Carrier Advisory Committee Representative from New Jersey to Medicare from the PMR Society.
  • Past Vice President of the New Jersey Subspecialty Society and a member of the New Jersey Medical Practice committee. Executive Board Member of the Electro diagnostic Association of NJ.
  • Delegate Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee
  • He is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (FABPMR) with a subspecialty in Pain Medicine (FABPM), and Board certified thru the Amer.
  • Trained in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • He is Board Certified in Physical Therapy and licensed in New Jersey.
  • His goal of treatment is to repair, regenerate, and eliminate injury or pain, and its causes.
  • He is a bit of an old fashioned doctor with a cutting edge approach to treatment.
  • He believes his best diagnostic tool is his ears to listen to the patient’s complaints, and his hands to do a thorough examination and actually feel where the pain is coming from. He calls this the Sherlock Holmes approach. He will then add the latest diagnostic testing where necessary to make a pin point diagnosis of the problem. This may include MRI or CT scans but he also performs special diagnostic testing including EMG nerve testing and diagnostic ultrasound.

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