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Hear What Our Patients Have To Say


Pleased For The Relief Of Pain

I have been suffering from pain for many years. Dr. Magaziner has suppressed my pain in many parts of my body including the following: I am very pleased for the... Read More

A Doctor That Will Do Whatever He Can

When I got to Dr. Magaziner I had been to 10 doctors previously, and every one of them wouldn’t touch me. I had 2 major fusions with bone harvest from... Read More

Thank You For Being A Truly Wonderful Doctor!

Dear Dr. Magaziner, I know it’s a challenge taking care of patients with complex chronic cases who recover slowly. But through the years I’ve known you, I have seen you... Read More

I only wish I had come to you a year ago

Can’t thank you enough! I only wish I had come to you a year ago when my knee first started to bother me! A little stiff and sore Sunday and... Read More

I couldn’t have won without your endless care and help!

Thanks for helping me but even more for getting me and who I am. The first time I met you I felt like I’ve known you forever. It’s doctors like... Read More

I went into Dr. Magaziner’s office with pessimism but left with optimism

My injury occurred in 2012 during my spring season of Division I track & field. I was coming down the runway of the long jump pit. When I took off... Read More