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Stem Cell Treatment For Alopecia Male Pattern Baldness

Today I did a followup visit on a 47-year- old male who came to me with a complaint of alopecia male pattern baldness. Over the course of a number of... Read More

Severe Bone On Bone Osteoarthritis

Today, we completed treatment on a 73-year-old gentleman who has used his hands all his life and developed pain in the thumbs, which we diagnosed as severe bone on bone... Read More

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Today we completed a treatment on a gentleman who is 57, he was in an accident, hit by a car and thrown off a bicycle. He not only had a... Read More

Ostearthritis Right Hip Case Study

Today, I saw a gentleman for a followup visit who had severe ostearthritis of his right hip. He was 65-years-old when he saw me and he had a long history... Read More

Soccer Player Knee Case Study

Today we completed treatment on a 31-year-old male soccer player who injured his left knee four years ago while playing soccer. Problem He complained of a constant pain in the... Read More

Bone-On-Bone Arthritis Of Knee

This is a 50 year old with bone-on-bone arthritis who came to me with a pain score in his knee of 7 out of 10. Treatment We did a stem... Read More