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Patient Case Studies

Stem Cell Treatment Helps A Patient Avoid Surgery

Multi Treatment Program Examples of: Regenerative treatment on knees Bone Marrow and Amniotic Stem Cell Grafts Serial PRP Treatment Bilateral Knee Replacement Recommended Today we completed treatment on a patient who is a 76-years-old and was complaining of bilateral knee… Read More

Arthritis Study Observation

Here we saw a gentleman today that we have been following for 10 years with arthritis of his knees, wrist and toes. We treated his knee today and we see bone on bone arthritis with obsoletely no joint space whatsoever… Read More

Bilateral Knee Pain

Today we treated a patient who came to us four years ago with bilateral knee pain to the point where she could not run, do martial arts or her exercise routine in the gym without pain. Treatment We put her… Read More

Moderate-To-Severe Osteoarthritis

Today we treated a patient again for Moderate-To-Severe Osteoarthritis. Problem She had moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis of both her knees 10 years ago and was in severe pain. Treatment We treated her with our protocol of using autologous platelet-rich plasma and she… Read More

Severe Bone On Bone Osteoarthritis

Today, we completed treatment on a 73-year-old gentleman who has used his hands all his life and developed pain in the thumbs, which we diagnosed as severe bone on bone osteoarthritis. He had constant daily pain in his wrists and… Read More