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Patient Case Studies

Patient Avoids Knee Replacement With NPT

Multi Treatment Program Examples of: Regenerative treatment on knees Neuroprolotherapy treatment for neuropathy or neuritis. Prolotherapy Treatment "I had PRP treatments on both knees to help avoid knee replacement (4 treatments on one and 5 on the other). There was… Read More

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Today we completed a treatment on a gentleman who is 57, he was in an accident, hit by a car and thrown off a bicycle. He not only had a fractured lumbar vertebra, but he also developed a lumbar disc… Read More

Soccer Player Knee Case Study

Today we completed treatment on a 31-year-old male soccer player who injured his left knee four years ago while playing soccer. Problem He complained of a constant pain in the back of his knee with bending and had a pain… Read More

Volleyball Player Knee Treatment

Today we did a followup on an 18-year-old athlete volleyball player who injured his knees in the past, requiring arthroscopic surgery and partial meniscotomy. He actually had two knee surgeries and physical therapy after that. In addition, he injured his… Read More