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Patient Case Studies

Lower Back Pain – Successful Prolotherapy Treatment

Patient with with a long history of lower back pain is treated with prolotherapy by Dr. Magaziner. Lower Back Pain Treatment Program Examples of: Prolotherapy Lower Back Pain Patient Background Today, we saw again, a 62-year-old male with a long… Read More

Ice Hockey Shoulder Injury Treatment Program

Shoulder Injury Prevents High School Student From Playing Ice Hockey   Ice Hockey Shoulder Injury Treatment Program Examples of: Prolotherapy Platelet Rich Plasma Specialized Amniotic Tissue Graft Patient Background Today I am presenting a case of a high school student,… Read More

Severe Scoliosis Treated With Prolotherapy

Individualized Treatment Program Examples of: Prolotherapy Treatments Under Fluoroscopic Guidance Patient Background February 18th, 2019 Today we gave a booster treatment to an 83-year-old female who came to us with severe pain in her lower back radiating into her foot.… Read More

Patient Avoids Knee Replacement With NPT

Multi Treatment Program Examples of: Regenerative treatment on knees Neuroprolotherapy treatment for neuropathy or neuritis. Prolotherapy Treatment "I had PRP treatments on both knees to help avoid knee replacement (4 treatments on one and 5 on the other). There was… Read More

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Today we completed a treatment on a gentleman who is 57, he was in an accident, hit by a car and thrown off a bicycle. He not only had a fractured lumbar vertebra, but he also developed a lumbar disc… Read More