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Arachnoiditis Treatment Using Exosomes

Arachnoiditis Treatment Using Exosomes

Patient with arachnoiditis is treated with exosomes for severe lower back and leg pain by Dr. Magaziner.

Arachnoiditis Treatment Program

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Patient Background

arachnoiditis exosomes and vesicles

Exosomes and Vesicles

Today, we did a follow up visit on a young man who had extensive back surgery with hardware and developed an unfortunate complication of arachnoiditis, which is a condition of clubbing of the nerve roots. This has caused him to have severe, essentially uncontrollable pain 24×7 throughout his lower back and legs. Prior to seeing me, he had all other forms of standard treatment with pain management, including narcotics, which he had to detox himself off since it did not work. He tried standard epidural injections which are injections of a steroid into the spine, which did not work, and he also had spinal cord stimulator trials, where they put electrodes into his spine to try and block the pain.

Arachnoiditis Treatment Program

Years back, he was also treated with bone marrow concentrate, which contains stem cells and signaling cells, which also did not help. We started treating him four months ago with intraspinal exosomes therapy, where he underwent three total sessions every two months. Right after the first visit, he got up off the table and his pain that he was experiencing through all those years was practically eliminated.

Arachnoiditis Patient Positive Patient Outcome

By the time he was ready for the second session, 50 to 70% of pain had returned.
Now, after the completion of three sessions his leg pain level is down to 2/3 and the patient is very happy and satisfied. We will continue to monitor him. He may need periodic treatments.

We give this case study example to report a successful result with an intractable condition not amenable to surgery or any other known technique that has benefited clearly with exosomes.

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