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Coccydynia – Treatment Of Post Pelvic Surgery Pain

Coccydynia – Treatment Of Post Pelvic Surgery Pain

Patient with severe coccydynia from a pelvic surgery is treated with a combination of therapies by East Coast Spine & Sports Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Coccydynia Pain Treatment Program

Examples of:

  1. Nerve Blocks

Severe Coccydynia Patient Background

Today, we are presenting a case with a patient who has a diagnosis of coccydynia.
This condition, in her case, developed after pelvic surgery. Since many of the muscle ligaments on the pelvic floor are attached to the coccyx, it caused coccydynia and nerve irritation.

Custom Treatment Program

Below are photographs of the procedure. After providing a local anesthetic given painlessly with a hair-thin needle, we were able to place the needle through the intercoccygeal joint into what is called the pre-sacral space to provide a ganglion of impar nerve block. This anesthetic with a small amount of steroid decreases inflammation in the coccyx and pelvic floor.

Coccydynia 2Coccydynia 3








Another picture demonstrates the needle inside the coccygeal joint, which was painful on examination.

This is the patient who had constant coccyx pain with sitting and exercising. This was considered a mainstream standard treatment for this condition.

Other Treatment Options

Other alternative treatments that we provide at the East Coast Spine & Sports Regenerative Medicine Institute are intercoccygeal injections with platelet-rich plasma also known as PRP. We have a handful of orthobiologics which are potentially anti-inflammatory and regenerative to correct this problem permanently.
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