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Hip Replacement Patient Treated With Prolotherapy And PRP

Hip Replacement Patient Treated With Prolotherapy And PRP

Patient with pain in the area of her hip replacement is treated with a combination of therapies by Dr. Magaziner.

Hip Replacement Pain Treatment Program

Examples of:

  1. Prolotherapy
  2. Platelet-Rich Plasma
  3. Neural Prolotherapy

Hip Replacement Patient Background

Hip Replacement
June 19th, 2019
Here we are presenting a case with this patient in her 70s who had a hip replacement years ago. She developed pain in the area of her hip replacement where she had heterotopic ossification and tendinitis along the outer hip. Her prosthesis was evaluated by the surgeon and found to be in good alignment, so she lived in pain for five years.

Combination Treatment Program

Since there was no hip joint, we determined her pain was coming from the muscle attachments to the hip and heterotopic ossification. She also had meralgia paresthetica where the nerves cascade over the area of the hip.

Positive Patient Outcome

We treated her with a combination of prolotherapy, PRP, and neural prolotherapy in three to four treatment sessions and we eliminated 95% of her pain.

This is a case that demonstrates the healing power of regenerative therapies and demonstrates that it can be beneficial with pain after replacement surgeries not only in the hip, but in other joints as well to promote healing in areas that never healed properly after the surgery.

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Website case studies are provided for educational and evaluational purposes of the available treatments offered by our office. It is important to note that although Dr. E. Magaziner has a high rate of success treating patients, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome given the variables relative to each case and individual being treated.

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