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Left Shoulder Bursitis With Tendinitis

Left Shoulder Bursitis With Tendinitis

Left Shoulder Bursitis With Tendinitis patient has a history of cerebral palsy and developed a left shoulder bursitis and tendinitis and a small tear in the supraspinatus. Over time she developed an adhesive capsulitis. She had physical therapy and cortisone injections which did not help. When I saw her, the range of motion in her left shoulder had flexion to 180 degrees, external rotation to 40 degrees, and internal rotation to 70 degrees, with pain. She had very little functional use of her shoulder.

Left Shoulder Bursitis with Tendinitis Treatment

We put her through a treatment course of injection therapy to the rotator cuff tendons with ultrasound-guided platelet-rich plasma grafts for up to two sessions. In between we gave her up to three sessions of intraarticular shoulder hydrodistention to stretch out the shoulder capsule followed by manipulation under anesthesia and aggressive physical therapy. Over the course of five months her shoulder range of motion improved to 160 degrees of flexion which was now functional, and she was able to lift her shoulder well up above her head. External rotation improved to 75 degrees, internal rotation remained at 70 degrees, and her pain in the left shoulder went down to 0/10.

This indicates an effective treatment for chronic adhesive capsulitis and tendinitis of the shoulder.

We always encourage our patients to spend time researching and understanding our procedures.  To learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma please visit PRP Wiki.


Submitted by Dr. E. Magaziner, P.T., M.D. | North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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