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Successful Prolotherapy Treatment in Upper Thoracic Area

Prolotherapy Threatment in Upper Thoracic Area

Here we are presenting a patient who is 70 years old very active, who has had 10 years of pain in the upper thoracic area. She saw another pain physician and she would get steroid injections over the last 8 to 10 years and even had radiofrequency procedures to the area and would get some relief for three to six months.

Prolotherapy Treatment

We put her through a course of three treatments with prolotherapy under fluoroscopic guidance to the joint and ligamentous structures. We also treated her trigger points in the area. Over the course of three sessions we had her 90% better with sustained improvement in between treatments. Today we gave her a fourth treatment session and we anticipate that she will have 100% pain relief in that area.

Why This Is Important?

She does have some scoliosis which contributes to the reason as to why she has pain in that area. When we saw her, she had burning pain in the area with a score of 7/10 and her pain increased with activity by the end of the day.

Our Prognosis

We may need to see her for maintenance in six months or a year for a booster treatment, but we anticipate that she will continue to do well.

This illustrates the very powerful regenerative effect of prolotherapy for back pain and in this case it was in the thoracic spine, where we eliminated the pain this woman had there for 10 years, not resolved with corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and exercise.

Upper Thoracic Prolotherapy

Learn more about the pain treatment used to get this patient back to the things she enjoys.



Website case studies are provided for educational and evaluational purposes of the available treatments offered by our office. It is important to note that although Dr. E. Magaziner has a high rate of success treating patients, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome given the variables relative to each case and individual being treated.

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