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Ankle Fracture

Right Ankle Fracture

right-ankleToday we treated a 25-year-old male who had a fracture of his right ankle five years ago falling in a construction accident. He had an open reduction internal fixation of the fracture but developed infection postoperatively and severe foot and ankle pain.

Prior to seeing us he saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended an ankle fusion surgery.

The Problem

When we saw him initially the x-rays of the ankle showed a deformity with bone spurs and severe narrowing with bone on bone on the ankle mortis and in the subtalar articulation. When we first saw him, he came in initially walking with a wobbling gait.

It affected his daily ability to walk and work.


Two years ago, we did a treatment obtaining stem cells and stromal cells from bone marrow and fat and did a biologic graft for his right ankle. Within three months of the treatment the patient was 50% improved. Within six months of the treatment his pain had gone to 0/10.


Today we saw him two years after the initial treatment and this past year he has been pain free walking and working in construction with a normal walking pattern.


Today we treated him with platelet rich plasma, which we will be providing on a periodic basis to maintain the potent long term antiinflammatory effect.

This demonstrates the successful prolonged anti-inflammatory effect of orthobiologic therapy in this young man having to go for a fusion surgery after a shattering experience to his ankle.


Website case studies are provided for educational and evaluational purposes of the available treatments offered by our office. It is important to note that although Dr. E. Magaziner has a high rate of success treating patients, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome given the variables relative to each case and individual being treated.

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