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Severe Osteoarthritis of Right Hip

Severe Osteoarthritis of Right Hip

Severe Osteoarthritis of Right Hip patient is with severe osteoarthritis of his right hip. He has been treated with platelet-rich plasma graft and one round of stem cell therapy followed by platelet-rich plasma graft. At this time the pain in his right hip over the last six months has been almost zero. He is back to normal activities. He had a few days of pain which went away three weeks ago. He is here today for a booster treatment with platelet-rich plasma graft for its anti-inflammatory effect. Consent given and signed. Alternative options and treatments discussed. Risks discussed versus benefits.


Severe Osteoarthritis of Right Hip:

The patient was brought into the operating room and placed supine. He received a sterile skin prep. We had obtained 9 cc of autologous platelet-rich plasma using Harvest Technologies protocol. We placed a 3-½ inch 22-gauge needle into the anterior hip capsule and injected 6 cc of the PRP concentrate. We placed him side-lying and injected another 6 cc into the narrowest area of his hip joint, checking AP and lateral views frequently. The patient tolerated this well and left the office in good condition.


Submitted by Dr. E. Magaziner, P.T., M.D. | North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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