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PRP Knee Treatments & No Down Time

I had PRP treatments on both knees (4 treatments on one and 5 on the other). There was virtually no down time. I took it easy for the first 24 hour, and then I was good to go. At my first session, I mentioned to Dr. Magaziner that I had an old injury (2004) that still caused me some discomfort. I had cut two tendons in my right hand. Over the course of the next 18 months, I had 7…


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Pleased For The Relief Of Pain

I have been suffering from pain for many years. Dr. Magaziner has suppressed my pain in many parts of my body including the following: Trigeminal neuralgia was relieved by injections to my face. I have spinal stenosis and I received injections to my back. I suffered from trigger finger and I received injections to release the trigger finger with ultrasound guidance. I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and I got complete relief from Dr. Magaziner by doing a percutaneous carpal…

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A Doctor That Will Do Whatever He Can

When I got to Dr. Magaziner I had been to 10 doctors previously, and every one of them wouldn't touch me. I had 2 major fusions with bone harvest from my own body, and neither procedure reduced my pain, it in fact increased it. I was borderline losing my mind from the pain and the lack of help or even compassion. Well Dr. Magaziner provided both. He took a long time talking with me, and checking me out, not to…


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Thank You For Being A Truly Wonderful Doctor!

Dear Dr. Magaziner, I know it's a challenge taking care of patients with complex chronic cases who recover slowly. But through the years I've known you, I have seen you work with determination, always learning and cultivating the most cutting edge technologies, and providing much support to us along the way. In addition to your skill and expertise, you are a kind and thoughtful individual, which I strongly believe is a significant factor in your healing power. Disclaimer: Patient testimonials…


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I only wish I had come to you a year ago

Can't thank you enough! I only wish I had come to you a year ago when my knee first started to bother me! A little stiff and sore Sunday and that was the end of it. I tried to take it easy for a few days, but was back running 3 miles by Wednesday, my leg just feels stronger every day, and not even a hint of pain. You are wonderful and I truly thank you for your generosity as…


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I couldn’t have won without your endless care and help!

Thanks for helping me but even more for getting me and who I am. The first time I met you I felt like I've known you forever. It's doctors like you who give me a reason to never give up no matter how bad the pain is. Thank you so much for being there, but most of all thanks for being you! The one who got me the day we met! I couldn't have won without your endless care and help!…


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