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Dr. E Magaziner really cares about his patients and their well being!

About 6 months ago I started a second treatment with Dr. Magaziner. After a successful treatment for my left shoulder I began treatment on my left thumb. My thumb kept locking up and since I work with fiber optics and network cabling I need my hands for my profession. It was painful to say the least, and each time it happened I would have to physically pull my thumb from the side of my index finger and sometimes it would…


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Dr. Edward Magaziner is the best! A joy to live once again!

I am fifty-nine years old. For over three years I’ve had spinal osteoarthritis with a number of hernias, as well as knee- and shoulder-joint arthritis. The first two years I could barely walk due to acute pain in my legs and back. I could not move without a walker or drive a car or sit more than ten minutes at a time. I could not sleep at night or exercise. All of this lead to depression and hopelessness. For two…


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Cortisone Injections In Shoulder and Knee.

I was referred to Dr. Magaziner by Dr. Robert Sellari, a North Brunswick chiropractor, who worked with me for several weeks. Knowing he could not resolve my problem he sent me to see Dr. Magaziner. What a difference! After a thorough examination of my rotator cuff tear and my pulled hamstring, he proceeded to work on me. I was in such pain in my shoulder and could not sleep. Every time I turned around in my sleep I was awakened…


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