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Platelet Rich Plasma Advancements

When you are wounded, platelets immediately respond, clumping and activating an army of healing factors to help form a clot. The environment surrounding a blood clot is rich with substances that promote healing and stimulate cellular growth. These substances, or growth factors, are released by the activated platelets, and play a critical role in healing the wound where the clot resides. Growth factors can facilitate new bone growth, accelerate angiogenesis, and promote soft tissue healing (source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com ). Administration of Platelet…

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

While medical treatments are advancing at a rapid pace, our aging population challenges the prevailing palliative treatments.  In many cases, a diseased organ is treated with medication or surgically removed, but rarely is it repaired.  Enter regenerative medicine (Watch Regenerative Medicine Video), the interdisciplinary science that regenerates damaged tissues and organs in vivo (in the living body), or in vitro (in the laboratory),after which it is transplanted back into the body to restore function.  Regenerative medicine’s focus is on functional tissue restoration, as opposed…

Regenerative Medicine Is The Future of Pain Relief

In recent times there has been an amazing shift in medicine. A profession once dominated by drugs and surgery, is now turning to regenerative technology. With the evolution of regenerative medicine, doctors and their patients are turning to stem cells for relief. Why attempt to remove a structure or inhibit function with drugs to reduce pain when you can help the body with it's own regenerative healing ability. The ability to repair and regenerate injured tissue without harmful drugs or…

Dr. Edward Magaziner Receives President’s Award

The Middlesex County Medical Society presented Dr. Edward Magaziner with the Reverend Doctor Robert McKean President's Award on June 17, 2015 for outstanding service to the County and State Society including the delivery of exemplary patient care; and advocacy for the practice of medicine at the County and State level. Dr. E. Magaziner is New Jersey's leading voice in alternative pain management treatments, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) and prolotherapy."

Benefits and Demand For Platelet Rich Plasma

This following video details key benefits and demand For Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) continues to be strong for 2015 and beyond. Watch the following PRP video to learn more.

Benefits and Demand for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Continues to Grow in 2015

According to a research study conducted by Transparency Market Research in February 2015, the demand for platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment continues to grow nationwide. An increase in the geriatric population as well as more orthopedic and sports injuries were among the top reasons cited for the growing interest. PRP is a non-surgical method of treating chronic injuries using the body's own blood platelets as the healing agent. It is most effective in treating injuries of the tendons, nerves, cartilage,…