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This is a technique where we place a fine needle into acupuncture points used to block pain or change energy flow throughout the body where there are blocked meridians. It has been demonstrated that electric currents travel through the facial planes of the body and makes contact with the skin through acupuncture points where there is a connection of veins, nerves and arterioles on the surface and on a deeper level these meridians connect with organs and other structures. Every cell and organ has a positive and a negative polarity which is necessary to maintain integrity and function.

AcupunctureWhen these meridians are blocked by trauma, or illness a chain reaction can occur and these energy channels become blocked where the energy flow to the organ system can be affected further. To restore health acupuncture tries to normalize this energy flow. It is not my belief that Acupuncture cures the dysfunction, but that it gives a “tune up” to the body which allows the immune system and organ system to work more efficiently to allow the body to heal itself more efficiently.