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Botulinium Toxin Injections

Botulinium Toxin Is Used In Medicine To Relieve Pain

Get rid of wrinkles as a cosmetic use and to relax chronic muscle spasm. It has proven to be a safe procedure. It works by permanently binding to the receptors that carry nerve conduction to the muscle. Thus they block the nerve causing a relaxation of the muscle. Since nerves tend to grow back the beneficial effect can last up to 6 months.

Botulinium InjectionsWe use it for chronic neck or back spasms, writer’s cramp, piriformis syndrome where the sciatic nerve is trapped in the buttock muscles, RSD pain, chronic nerve pain affecting the skin area, and muscle tension or migraine headaches. We also use it to reduce spasticity in patients that have abnormal muscle tone after a stroke or spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis. Yes we also use it for reducing facial wrinkles. When we inject Botulinium we often use nerve conduction, EMG, Ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance for added accuracy of placement in the muscle or adjacent to the nerve. Since Botulinium pound for pound is one of the most expensive substances on earth we do not want to waste any in the wrong locations.