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Facet Joint Injections

We also provide facet joint injections. The spine is connected by small joints which are a common source of back or neck pain and arthritis. Under fluoroscopic guidance we can inject steroids or prolotherapy solutions, or PRP to alleviate the pain.

Facet joint injection is a relatively simple, straightforward procedure, and is usually performed in an office-based procedure room or in an ambulatory surgical center. This procedure is commonly performed with local anesthesia without sedation.

As with many spinal injections, these injections are best performed using fluoroscopy (live X-ray) for guidance to properly target and place the needle (and to help avoid nerve injury or other injury).


  1. As a diagnostic tool to identify the source of your pain (Diagnostic Facet Joint Block)
  2. As a treatment of facet joint pain (as known as Facet Joint Block).

The injection itself only takes a few minutes, but the entire procedure usually takes between fifteen and thirty minutes.

Facet joints

Facet Injection Results

Results may vary from patient to patient. If the facet joints that were treated are the source of the pain, the patient will have immediate pain relief from the local anesthetic and may begin to notice longer lasting pain relief from the medicine injected starting two to five days after the injection. If the facet joint block(s) is successfully and we have identified the nerve(s) associated with your pain, we can offer you a way to block the pain signals causing your pain with a procedure called Radiofrequency Neurolysis.

If the patient has immediate relief with the numbing medication, but does not have any longer lasting improvement with the medication, further diagnostic blocks might be necessary to accurately identify the sources of pain.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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