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Spine, muscle and joint pain caused by arthritis or repetitive injury effects millions of people.

Chronic joint pain in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist or fingers, toes, and TMJ can limit or stop you from enjoying your life. Every year there is more advancement in treatments that can help reduce and eliminate your pain. One such treatment is the use of pain-relieving injections. We provide various types of injections for various types of conditions. We provide over a dozen different types of injections. The most commonly used injections include:


Joint Injections

When Physical Therapy, or NSAIDS are not helpful we have a variety of methods to alleviate this pain. Cortisone is one option. When that is not successful we can use Hyaluronic Acid which is a gel like medication which acts as an anti-inflammatory and nourishes the joint.

They come in different brand names such as Hyalgan, Supartz or Efluexa. This can alleviate pain 3-6 months at times. Sometimes we also add vitamins and glucosamine sulfate. Our newest methods for restoring joint health and reducing pain are the Regeneration and Growth Factor Therapies. We use stem cells, platelet Rich Plasma or Prolotherapy medications to attract stem cells and platelets. These injections are often done with ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance for accuracy.


Facet Injections

We also provide facet joint injections. The spine is connected by small joints which are a common source of back or neck pain and arthritis. Under fluoroscopic guidance we can inject steroids or prolotherapy solutions, or PRP to alleviate the pain. We can also eliminate pain with Radiofrequency to burn the nerve causing pain in the joint.


Epidural Injections

These are specialized injections of anesthetic and cortisone used to reduce nerve pain or pain from a painful disc. Pain relieving medication can be delivered directly to the site of injury to provide rapid relief in either the neck, mid, or lower back. Dr. Magaziner is able to do this thru a variety of methods to better target the individual problem. When necessary he can pass a very fine catheter into the spine and steer it to the site of injury for pin point precision.


Trigger Point Injections

Muscles are a common source of pain especially when they develop little knots we call trigger points. These can be a great source of chronic pain and nerve irritation. Often this can be relieved with physical therapy, heat treatments, massage and changing postural factors. When it persists we can perform painless trigger point injections with an anesthetic into the muscle to break up the spasm.

We describe the injection as an internal massage of the knot to tease it apart and release the spasm. Since there are over 600 muscles in the body this technique requires a keen knowledge of the anatomy and a skilled pair of hands to find the painful trigger points. Dr. Magaziner was trained in this technique by the pioneer in this field, Dr. Janet Travell who was President Kennedy’s personal physician, who treated his chronic back pain when he was in office.