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Intradiskal Electrothermal Annuloplasty

Intradiskal (intradiscal) Annuloplasty or Intradiskal electrothermal therapy (IDET), or intradiskal electrothermal annuloplasty (IDEA), is a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of diskogenic low back pain (pain originating from the disk). IDET involves the percutaneous threading of a flexible catheter into the disk under fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance.

intradiskal electrothermal annuloplasty
The catheter, has a thermal resistive coil, heats the outer part (annulus) of the disk, causing contraction of collagen fibers and destruction of nerve fibers or receptors that cause pain (afferent nociceptors). The heat is intended to seal any ruptures in the disc wall and may also burn nerve endings, which can make the area less sensitive to pain.

Pain relief after the procedure is not immediate and the pain may increase during the first couple of days. Dr. Magaziner commonly recommends physiotherapy in this recovery phase. The healing after this procedure can take months and activity is usually limited during the recovery phase.

Initial clinical studies suggested that IDET might be effective in approximately 70% of patients with chronic unremitting low back pain. Physical function and quality of life outcomes in highly selected patients have improved.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information on intradiskal electrothermal annuloplasty or Intradiskal electrothermal therapy, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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