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Intradiskal Regeneration

Intradiskal Regeneration

Dr. Magaziner has always been on the cutting edge of the regenerative medicine world. When it comes to disc injury and arthritis, regenerative medicine may be a good alternative. Rather than remove a painful disc sometimes you can inject the disc with growth factors to repair the disc or deaden the nerves causing pain inside the disc.

Dr. Magaziner is currently using PRP, Bmac, Platelet Lysate, A2M and other regenerative medicine techniques to treat chronic pain caused by disc injury and degeneration.

PRP, which is comprised of autologous growth factors and cytokines, has been widely used in the clinical setting for tissue regeneration and repair. PRP has been shown in vitro and in vivo to potentially stimulate intervertebral disc matrix metabolism. This approach uses natural substances along with other medications to reduce pain and help promote long-term tissue regeneration.

In the past, doctors told their patients that chronic pain was just a part of aging. Now we have ground-breaking treatments that help to slow the aging process and reduce the common aches and pains associated with aging.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information on intradiskal regeneration, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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Dr. Edward Magaziner has dedicated his career to helping people with pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. His focus is to use state of the art and innovative treatments to alleviate these problems. He is well known around the country in his field and is considered by many one of the top treating physicians in this region.