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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy For Arthritis And More

Lasers have been used in medicine for years. Depending on the power and wavelength of light used they can either be used for healing, cutting or destruction of tissue. Dermatologists use one type to get rid of acne and another type to provide skin rejuvenation which causes new collagen growth. Others are used for hair growth. Its beneficial effect is indisputable. We use the latest class iv laser therapy equipment which is the most powerful laser for healing available.

It is not to be confused with the cold laser. The Avicenna laser is almost 100 times more powerful than the older cold or generation III lasers and is much more effective. The penetration is up to 6 inches which allows the healing laser light to be able to penetrate deep into joints or the discs of the spine. They can be used to get rid of pain from arthritis and provide regeneration of tissue, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Photons of light penetrate deep into the cells and accelerate cellular reproduction, metabolic processes and growth.

the-laser1It increases fibroblast and collagen formation. It promotes new blood vessel formation and angiogenesis. It blocks pain by reducing inflammation and blocking nerve sensitivity and promotes new growth. It has a direct effect on immunity by boosting immunoglobulins. What it does in effect is speed up the cells natural healing process. I have seen wounds heal in half the time. Many of the professional sports teams keep one or two of these lasers in their training room for healing injuries faster.