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Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)

Perineural Injection Therapy Background

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) formerly known as Neural Prolotherapy is one of the newest advances in Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine. Discovered by Dr. John Lyftogt of New Zealand, this treatment focuses on cutaneous nerves (Nerve supply to your skin) and their deeper branches as a source of pain. These injured or damaged nerves can lead to pain and inflammation called neurogenic inflammatory pain and in severe cause RSD/CRPA. PIT uses FDA approved medications to treat chronic pain (neuropathic pain) caused by musculoskeletal injures (injuries to the muscle, joint, tendon and ligaments).

How Does It Work?

The treatment consists of a series of small injections immediately under the skin targeting painful and sensitive nerves with medication that block neuropathic pain. The difference from other nerve blocks is that this treatment targets the receptors that cause chronic pain where standard nerve blocks do not. What most other pain physicians do not yet realize is that they are treating the wrong receptors and wrong nerves which only temporarily blocks the receptor causing chronic pain. The substances used typically are FDA approved sugar-based medications diluted in sterile water. It has been clinically shown that the combination will give immediate analgesia (pain relief) which can not only be curative but also diagnostic.

Patients claim that the results can be immediate and can last for hours to weeks.
When the nerve is injured, it continues to send a pain message to the brain even though the nerve is not being stimulated by pain anymore. This is what leads to chronic pain. The normal function of the nerve is interrupted causing something like a “broken connection” similar to when your computer gets stuck in a search mode. The substances that cause pain also prevent tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments from healing. The term used to describe these inflamed nerves is called neurogenic inflammation. PIT repairs these nerves and restores this balance reversing pain and allowing the body to heal itself reversing the damage.

Dr. John Lyfgogt discovered that these injured nerves can be treated with dextrose, which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate utilized by our body for energy. When dextrose is concentrated at 5% and the pH is adjusted to around 7.4, the dextrose enters the nerve cell restoring the cell to its normal function and leading to the decrease and eventual elimination of pain.

Perineural Injection Results

Our experience with this therapy has been very positive with an overwhelming majority of patients satisfied with their results. The initial response is very fast and could last for several weeks, however longer lasting benefit requires several sessions (6-8 sessions on average). The goal of every treatment is to extinguish the pain and promote normal healing and regeneration of tissue.

The Benefits

  1. Fast Pain Relief
  2. All-Natural Substance
  3. Safe and Effective Treatment

Dr. Magaziner has been performing orthopedic regenerative procedures since 1994 which is longer than most pain management physicians. He lectures Nationally on these treatments and is considered one of the authorities in this field by his peers.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information on Perineural Injection Therapy, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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