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Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone Therapy Background

Prolozone is non-surgical treatment for ligament reconstruction and regeneration to help reduce chronic pain. Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy of collagen producing substances and ozone gas which can reconstruct damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. The word “Prolozone” is derived from the word “ozone” and the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or re-build. It literally means re-building tissues with ozone. And the word Prolozone is comprised of the word “Prolo” as in Prolotheray which is short for proliferation, because the treatment causes the proliferation (growth, formation) of new ligament tissue in areas where it has become weak.

Prolozone Therapy In Medicine

Prolozone Therapy is a Prolotherapy injection that uses ozone to enhance the benefit. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal much more quickly than in traditional Prolotherapy. This is because ozone is a highly reactive molecule and when injected into a joint capsule it is able to stimulate the fibroblastic joint repairing abilities.

Prolozone Therapy Applications

Prolozone can help repair and tightening laxed structures, partially torn connective tissue and ligaments. Prolozone halts the pain/inflammation cycle. This allows for better circulation, increased blood flow carrying nutrition, and hydration of the damaged tissues. This allows for a healing environment within the joint to develop and results in increased range of motion and decreased pain. Because Prolozone helps to correct and stabilizes the underlying pathology of the disorder, long-term relief of chronic pain is possible.

A recent scientific study published in 2017 (Available online at the US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health). The study is titled, “Therapeutic Efficacy of Ozone Injection into the Knee for the Osteoarthritis. The study describes the positive outcomes for patients suffering from Osteoarthritis of the knee.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information on Prolozone Therapy, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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