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Regeneration Injection Therapy

Also known as Prolotherapy (Prolo) also uses growth factor technology and science to heal soft issue injuries and arthritis pain.

With this treatment we use medications which stimulate the injured tissue creating a local inflammation which attracts the growth factors like a magnet to the site setting in motion the bodies normal repair process. Healing usually occurs in 5-7 monthly sessions.

How does this work many people ask. Well, the body has the capacity to heal itself. It does it every day. When we cut our skin it heals. When we break a bone it heals. If we sprain our ankle it heals. If we go for surgery the body heals itself if the surgeon just lines up the tissue with some stitches. For healing to occur we must create some positive local inflammation which wakes up or sets in motion the body’s normal healing process.

This principle is also used in other areas of medicine as well. For example, how is it possible if you go to the Dermatologist for a laser peel or a chemical peel where they burn your face or even dermabrasion with sandblasting of the skin that the body responds underneath by growing new healthy looking skin? Well, we know and it is proven, like Prolotherapy, that it causes a local controlled inflammation which releases and attracts growth factors to the area to create new collagen growth and new skin. Skin and tissue biopsies and have proven this.

This treatment is also performed using ultrasound or fluoroscopically guided injections to the injured site. It can be used for any type of joint, tendon, ligament, back or neck problem, the achy back syndrome and disc pain, Rib or TMJ pain. It can literally tighten up loose joints and get rid of hypermobility problems. Dr. Magaziner now has a running series of pediatric patients and teenagers who have frequent shoulder dislocations and have been diagnosed with instability of the shoulder with surgery being the recommended treatment. One of these patients went to the Hospital of special Surgery and was told they needed surgery which would have created a disfiguring scar. In 7 out of 8 cases so far we have been able to stop the dislocations and return these kids to a normal healthy life style. Back to playing their baseball, field hockey, gymnastics, or soccer without reoccurrence.