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Ultrasound Guidance In Real Time


Typically, we use ultrasound guidance for drainage of a Bakers cyst behind the knee, or of a ganglion cyst around the wrist. But can be used anywhere in the body fluid collection is found that should not be there.

Ultrasound In Medicine

Ultrasound uses safe sound waves which allows us to view a real time picture of the structures inside our body like nerves, veins, arteries, muscles, ligaments, bone and organs. Dr. Magaziner uses it diagnostically to look for injury and sources of pain but also as a guide to perform procedures under the skin with no cutting involved. Some procedures include nerve, tendon, ligament releases (example: Trigger Finger release), fluid aspiration or repair techniques using regenerative cellular therapy to target the injury.

Individual results may vary from patient to patient. For more information on ultrasound guided therapies, please contact our North Brunswick office.

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Dr. Edward Magaziner has dedicated his career to helping people with pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. His focus is to use state of the art and innovative treatments to alleviate these problems. He is well known around the country in his field and is considered by many one of the top treating physicians in this region.