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Stem Cell Advances

Stem Cell Advances Create New Possibilities

Human stem cells are being used to create miniature 3D tissues which can be used to study normal human biology and disease in vitro

Stem Cell Advances

Stem Cell Advances

Stem cell advances are giving rise to many new possibilities for the future. Recent advances have applications in clinical testing, and also disease research. Scientists are using organoids (stem cells arranged into organs) and also organs on chips to replace the need for animals in testing.

What Are Organoids?

Organoids are 3D structures that develop when stem cells are given the right conditions to differentiate and arrange into forms with properties similar to those of particular organs or tissues.

What Are Organs On Chips?

Organs on chip are typically made by arranging stem cells and cells previously differentiated into the required cell types on a microfabricated device in positions and structures appropriate for desired experiment need.

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