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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells Make A Difference

Stem Cell Therapy (Grafting) with the use of a patients own stem cells have tremendous potential to differentiate into new tissue in the areas they have been transplanted.

Stem Cell Therapy also has potent long term anti-inflammatory effect. Stem cells can come from different sources but the most readily available come from a practically painless bone marrow aspiration or from fat by performing a mini liposuction.

At our center we perform this in a safe sterile environment using image guidance for safety. Most important, the stem cells we use are your own (Autologous) and are perfectly safe for using to repair bone, ligaments, muscle, cartilage defects, arthritis, tendons, skin, cosmetic uses, and other injuries.

It is important to understand:

We use your own stem cells to repair the damaged area. Because they your own stem cells there are very minimal risks with our Stem Cell Therapy procedures.

Dr. E. Magaziner’s Stem Cell Therapy procedures offer a high rate of success with minimal risk.


Did You Know?

Did you know the body has a biological signal to generate its own stem cells to heal injury? Unfortunately, these signals often do not generate enough stem cells for to cure the problem. Our Stem Cell Therapy concentrates your own stem cells and focuses them to point of injury.


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It is important to note that although Dr. E. Magaziner has a high rate of success treating patients, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome given the variables relative to each case and individual being treated.

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