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Dr. Edward Magaziner is the best! A joy to live once again!

Dr. Edward Magaziner is the best! A joy to live once again!

I am fifty-nine years old. For over three years I’ve had spinal osteoarthritis with a number of hernias, as well as knee- and shoulder-joint arthritis. The first two years I could barely walk due to acute pain in my legs and back. I could not move without a walker or drive a car or sit more than ten minutes at a time. I could not sleep at night or exercise. All of this lead to depression and hopelessness.

For two years I took strong pain and sleep medication, had eight epidural steroid injections and lower back fusion surgery – but none of this produced significant positive results. Then, I went to a doctor in Puerto Rico who gave me three injections of Prolotherapy in my back, shoulder and neck. I immediately experienced less pain. I wanted to continue with Prolotherapy in New Jersey, where I live, and was referred to Dr. Edward Magaziner. It has now been over a year that I have been receiving monthly injections of Prolotherapy in my lower back, upper back, neck, knee, and shoulder.

I now feel much better than before and no longer take pain or sleep medication. It is a joy to live once again! I can now swim forty minutes a day and walk quickly for an hour. And all of this would have been impossible without the professional concern and attention of Edward Magaziner and his superb stuff, Sandy, Lori and others. My family is overjoyed to see me free of pain and suffering. Dr. Magaziner is the best!

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