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Arachnoiditis Treatment Using Exosomes

Patient with arachnoiditis is treated with exosomes for severe lower back and leg pain by Dr. Magaziner. Arachnoiditis Treatment Program Examples of: Exosomes Patient Background [caption id="attachment_3607" align="alignright" width="300"] Exosomes and Vesicles[/caption] Today, we did a follow up visit on… Read More

Orthobiologic Treatment With PRP For Knee Pain

Patient is treated with orthobiologic and PRP for knee pain by Dr. Magaziner. Knee Pain Treatment Program Examples of: PRP Patient Background The patient came today for a follow up visit. This is a patient we have treated for osteoarthritis… Read More

Inner Arch Foot Pain – Successful EPAT Treatment

Patient with foot pain along her inner arch is treated with EPAT therapy by Dr. Magaziner. Inner Arch Foot Pain Treatment Program Examples of: EPAT Inner Arch Foot Pain Pain Patient Background We are presenting a case of a patient… Read More

Lower Back Pain – Successful Prolotherapy Treatment

Patient with with a long history of lower back pain is treated with prolotherapy by Dr. Magaziner. Lower Back Pain Treatment Program Examples of: Prolotherapy Lower Back Pain Patient Background Today, we saw again, a 62-year-old male with a long… Read More

Coccydynia – Treatment Of Post Pelvic Surgery Pain

Patient with severe coccydynia from a pelvic surgery is treated with a combination of therapies by East Coast Spine & Sports Regenerative Medicine Institute. Coccydynia Pain Treatment Program Examples of: Nerve Blocks Severe Coccydynia Patient Background Today, we are presenting… Read More

Foot And Ankle Pain – Osteoarthritis Treatment

Patient with foot and ankle pain from osteoarthritis is treated with a combination of therapies by Dr. Magaziner. Foot And Ankle Pain Treatment Program Examples of: Platelet-Rich Plasma Exosomes Foot And Ankle Pain Patient Background Today I treated for the… Read More