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Successful Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Program Examples of: Ultrasound Guided Approach Nerve Release Techniques Patient Background Carpal tunnel syndrome can be debilitating. Today, we did a two year follow-up. We treated this patient who had carpal tunnel syndrome where she developed scar… Read More

Nerve Block Treats Testicular Pain

Testicular Pain Treatment Program Examples of: Nerve Blocks Nerve Release Techniques Patient Background Today we did a follow up treatment on a gentleman who is well into his 70s, who in the 1980s had an inguinal hernia and underwent a… Read More

Stem Cell Treatment Helps A Patient Avoid Surgery

Multi Treatment Program Examples of: Regenerative treatment on knees Bone Marrow and Amniotic Stem Cell Grafts Serial PRP Treatment Bilateral Knee Replacement Recommended Today we completed treatment on a patient who is a 76-years-old and was complaining of bilateral knee… Read More

Patient Avoids Knee Replacement With NPT

Multi Treatment Program Examples of: Regenerative treatment on knees Neuroprolotherapy treatment for neuropathy or neuritis. Prolotherapy Treatment "I had PRP treatments on both knees to help avoid knee replacement (4 treatments on one and 5 on the other). There was… Read More

Multi Treatment Approach for Bone on Bone Arthritis

Today we are close to completing our treatment with a 76-year-old woman who has had bilateral knee pain and was told by an orthopedic surgeon that she needed total joint replacements. When we first saw her, we could see that… Read More

Prolotherapy Treatment in Upper Thoracic Area

Here we are presenting a patient who is 70 years old very active, who has had 10 years of pain in the upper thoracic area. She saw another pain physician and she would get steroid injections over the last 8… Read More

Arthritis Study Observation

Here we saw a gentleman today that we have been following for 10 years with arthritis of his knees, wrist and toes. We treated his knee today and we see bone on bone arthritis with obsoletely no joint space whatsoever… Read More