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Bone-On-Bone Arthritis Of Knee

This is a 50 year old with bone-on-bone arthritis who came to me with a pain score in his knee of 7 out of 10. Treatment We did a stem cell treatment with bone marrow and fat stem cells using… Read More

Volleyball Player Knee Treatment

Today we did a followup on an 18-year-old athlete volleyball player who injured his knees in the past, requiring arthroscopic surgery and partial meniscotomy. He actually had two knee surgeries and physical therapy after that. In addition, he injured his… Read More

Platelet Plasma Graft & Prolotherapy

We present here with a case now of a 68-year-old male, who came to me in 2009 when he was younger with pain in his right shoulder at 8/10. He went to an orthopedist at Hospital of Special Surgery and… Read More

Neural Prolotherapy For Migraine Headache

We are presenting a patient in a case study who has a history of migraine headaches for 16 years. She has been seen by at least two neurologists and had a negative neurological workup and was treated with the typical… Read More

Right Ankle Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure

This is a 25-year old male who fractured his right ankle approximately 2012 at a construction accident. They gave him an open reduction and internal fixation hardware and he developed infection post operatively. With the ongoing pain they removed the… Read More